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Hi! I'm Sophia Derugen-Toomey, a full stack web developer living in Boston, though originally from the agrarian left-side of Pennsylvania. My first love was academic philosophy, a discipline that appealed to me for the same reason that the field of full stack web development now entices me: I love knowing as much as I can about how it all hangs together.

My passion is bringing together rigor, creativity, and concision.

Selected Works


A choose your own adventure game, inspired by black out poetry, which redacts previous text and adds selective new text on the basis of user input.

Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL Handelbars.js
JQuery Ajax Node.js CSS3 HTML5


An austere list application that allows authenticated users to track their lists, add items to those lists, edit or delete items, or scrap a list altogether.

Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL Handelbars.js
JQuery Ajax CSS3 HTML5 Bootstrap


A clean bucket list application that allows authenticated users to track their bucket list items and tweet about them, upon completion. Created entirely through pair programming with a team of other developers.

Express Node.js MongoDB NoSQL
Handlebars.js JQuery Ajax CSS3 HTML5


A simple tic-tac-toe application that allows authenticated users to create games and track the results, playing either against human rivals on the same device or against an artificial intelligence. Both types of games are then included in the player's stats.

JQuery Ajax CSS3 HTML5 Bootstrap


This Developer

I'm a small-town homecoming queen, failed roller derby blocker, animal lover, imprecise chef, avid essayist, unskilled dancer, and active listener. I have a Master's degree in Philosophy and a Steam library I will never fully play through.

The combination of the above features makes me deeply interested in fullstack development, writing documentation, and making a community with other developers.

As someone who had a particularly life-changing webdevelopment bootcamp experience with Boston's General Assembly, I would be happy to speak to anyone about what webdevelopment can do for you.

This Site

Fontawesome, Bootstrap, Bootswatch and DevIcons provide the icons and general Ikea-vibe of the site. Note also that the personalized git repository search is inspired by Brad Traversy's highly cogent explanation of the Github API in his Modern Javascript Udemy course.

This Domain

I'm Sophia Derugen-Toomey, the titular ESS-DEE-TEE. And, as I hope my growing list of projects and the little life-story to the left illustrates, I'm very interested in learning how to do everything, from X to Y to Z. Here's hoping!